Part of the reason why the double glazing industry has such a tarnished reputation is due to the fact that companies tend neglect the needs of their customers after the installation has been completed. No company is perfect and problems will occur in all areas of installation. But what really earns businesses credibility with the customer is the ability to rectify those problems.

There are too many companies in this industry that ignore the after-sales side of the business, and this is what can ruin their reputation. They tend to be either one-man-bands who cannot be bothered, or businesses that are too big and find themselves unable to provide an efficient after-sales service.

We are a business which prides itself on rectifying any problems that might occur as soon as we physically can. Our customers wait no more than a couple of days for our service engineer to visit them, and that is what surprises our customers the most. Due to the terrible reputation of our industry, it seems they assume that we will put them in such a back-logged waiting list it will take weeks for them to be seen to. That is not the case however, and we receive many letters and phone calls of thanks for providing such a quick and efficient service.

This is such a vital area for businesses in our line of work, yet a lot just view the after-sales side as a bit-part player, and is therefore neglected, harming them and our industry as a whole.