At my girlfriends work colleagues 30th birthday bash last night I got chance to chat with Alternative Windows director Darren Atkinson. He had a very interesting outlook on our industry.

From his point of view, Linear was the profile of choice and was ‘the future’. I can say I didn’t quite agree with him on that. He also said that companies didn’t need to sell frames with steel reinforcement, again something I didn’t quite agree with as we use steel reinforcement as one of our selling points. He explained that Linear, and also Eurocell which they use, can achieve the best energy efficiency ratings possible. Now that was something I was interested in. One big point that we both agreed on however was the sneaky way in which the Part L changes coming in 2010 will require us to all buy licences from the BFRC to comply with the new regulations.

It was nice to talk candidly about the industry in a relaxed atmosphere, that than the uptight, restricted, proffesional working atmosphere we have every working day.