It might just be me, but when I place myself on the outside of this industry and look in, we all seem to be a bunch of people with good intentions but no energy to go forth and carry out the actions we say we want to. And I mean that in the broadest sense of the meaning. First example would be the Fighting Back With Facts campaign, we don’t hear anything of that anymore. There was such a big worry that timber was going to make a comeback and our industry could be under threat. Yet only after a few months the energy out of that has drained away.

Another example is the Part L changes that are going to say we need to buy BFRC licenses in order to comply with the new regulations. We all know that it’s just a money making exercise, but what are we doing about it? Nothing! In fact I think I’m the only one to really have mentioned anything about it at all. But, as usual, we won’t do anything about it. The GGF is going to make countless unnecessary millions out of our industry when we need it more.

Third example: WER’s. Why is it that only under a third of double glazing companies are selling energy rated windows? Why is it that when one of the best selling opportunities comes our way, our industry is too bone idol and lazy to take advantage of it?!

Fourth example: exhibitions. Glassex, the true national exhibition for our industry has petered out into such a sub-event that it had to be partnered with Interbuild just so it could have a show this year. Pathetic! At least were trying something new with GlassTalk.

Fifth example: the internet. I still don’t believe our industry has really taken the internet bull by the horns and put it to good use. By this I mean internally. We have so much to offer each other, yet there are only a few blogs like this one knocking about. And on top of that, people should be leaving more comments. The more feedback on the issues we talk about the better. That way we can make and shape our future decisions better. I always try and make a point of commenting on industry related blogs, RCG will know that!

I could think of more but I’m sure you all get the point. If were going to talk about injustices in our industry or talk about changing the industry as a whole, we need to stop talking about it and start actually doing it and follow it through to the end!

P.S. The windows scrappage scheme petition was going to be another example but I think we all know that fell on its arse!