In the latest issues of the GGP magazine, Tyson Anderson makes the case for trickle vents in response to Paul Jervis’ comments in the previous issue.

For the many reasons and clear-as-mud explanations he gives, I still don’t believe that trickle vents should be required. He tries to argue that trickle vents provide a very useful source of ventilation that homeowner cannot do without. He explains that it is a much more secure an option rather than leaving window openings on the night vent. Firstly, windows are tested on security whilst on their night vent openings, if there were a major problem with this I’m sure we would all be aware. Secondly, the likelihood that customers will leave their windows on night vents, especially in these colder months, is tiny. Thirdly, customers hate the look of them. The last thing they want is for some ugly piece of flimsy plastic screwed to the inside and outside of their brand new windows.

We as installers also have major issues with them. For the last year or so we have been championing energy efficient windows, and a lot of us have been installing ‘A’ rated windows as standard now. Why then would we want to start putting holes in these frames to let the cold in and heat out? Oh and the noise factor! Trickle vents will allow noise through, now I would challenge Mr. Anderson to try and sell that to a customer who lives near a motorway or a busy main road. Secondly, due to that last point, customers cannot see the benefit of having these things installed. Mr. Anderson is telling us we should be upselling the benefits of trickle vents. How do we do that where there are none?!

In the next couple of days I will be e-mailing Mr. Anderson to ask him to help us clarify what the REAL benefits of trickle vents are, and how we are supposed to be upselling these trickle vents. Clearly we aren’t as smart as we should be and we are missing out on an opportunity here!