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Petition Launched To Change Regulations On Trickle Vents

In response to new Building Regulations that came into force in June 2022, requiring all window replacement installations to include trickle vents, a Government petition has been launched with the aim of reviewing these regulations. “Go back to original regulations” The petition, launched at the start of the year, aims to bounce the Government [...]

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Could The Future Building Standard Be Watered Down?

Whilst the arguments over trickle vents continue to rage on, eight months after their implementation, attention has rightly turned to the next major set of revisions due to come into effect in 2025. The Future Building Standards, the new regulations aimed at vastly improving the energy efficiency of new-build properties, are set to see [...]

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Glazpart Joins BPF

Sponsored news from Glazpart: As part of its external affairs strategy, Glazpart has joined the British Plastics Federation (BPF). With the trading environment adapting to legislative and policy changes made earlier this year, Glazpart felt it essential to have a voice in discussions with the BPF and its member companies in the plastics manufacturing [...]

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I Used ChatGPT To Ask About Fenestration And This Is What It Said

You may have heard of something called ChatGPT over the last few weeks. ChatGPT is an AI text platform that is both fascinating people and terrifying copywriters in equal measure. It is a product of OpenAI, a tech company which has attracted interest from all parts of the tech sector and beyond. People have [...]

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The Time For Complaining Has Passed

Seven months after the implementation of the updated Building Regulations, which have seen lower minimum U-Values and mandatory trickle vents to all windows, I am still seeing plenty of complaints and anger towards the new rules. Whilst I can understand people’s frustration with the new regulations, I’m afraid I have to be blunt and [...]

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All Eyes On 2025

We’re still feeling the effects of the newly updated Building Regulations that came into force in June 2022. The main point of contention remains the implementation of trickle vents in replacement windows. However, we cannot remain fixated on the changes that have just happened. 2025 is going to see the implementation of the Future [...]

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Window Energy Ratings Need To Be Updated

I think the sector can think of itself in a new era. There will be the pre-June 2022 era, before mandatory trickle vents, and the post-June 2022 era which we are in now, where almost all installations of new windows include trickle vents. Seven months after the latest Building Regulations were implemented, our industry [...]

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Six Months On From Mandatory Trickle Vents

The implementation of the new Building Regulations was perhaps the biggest talking point of 2022. In particular, the introduction of trickle vents to every window installation. There are few topics that stir the emotions of our like trickle vents. Considering the vast array of more serious problems we have to deal with I always [...]

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£1bn In New Grants For House Insulation Measures, But Nothing For Windows Again

Another Government brings with it another new initiative to try and spur work in insulating the leakiest of Britain's homes. This time, there is a fresh wave of £1bn being thrown at homes which are classed as the most poorly insulated. Within the range of products that homeowners will be able to earmark that [...]

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We’ll Likely Never See 0% VAT For Windows

Back in March of this year, then-Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that energy-saving measures such as insulation and heat pumps would have their VAT lowered to 0%. They were already at the lower rate of 5%, but would now enjoy zero VAT rates in a bid to encourage homeowners to upgrade their homes. Windows were [...]

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#FreshAirFeeling – New Campaign For Better Ventilation In UK Homes

Sponsored news from Certass: Certass Trade Association has launched a new ventilation awareness campaign via its dedicated consumer site #FreshAirFeeling is a campaign designed to fill the consumer education gap on the regulations around ventilation that apply when making home improvements. To help homeowners and residents understand the importance of ventilating their properties [...]

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New-Build Homes Are Woefully Unprepared For Hot Weather

In the grand scheme of British summers, this one hasn’t been too bad. Since June we have had prolonged dry spells, a decent amount of sunshine and very little rain. In fact, many rivers and lakes are at levels well below average. The grass is more like hay and the ground is solid. Now, [...]

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UK Fenestration Should Be A Far Bigger Sector Than What It Is

Think about this for a moment. Fenestration, which by definition is the arrangement of windows and doors in a building, is literally everywhere. Every home. Every office space. Every pub. Every cinema. Every skyscraper. Every Government building. We are surrounded by our industry at every turn. What a remarkable thing that is. What is [...]

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Government Publishes FAQs On New Trickle Vent Regulations

Happy trickle vent day! As of today, June 15th 2022, the newly revised Building Regulations for England have come into force. The debate around trickle vents today has been as strong as ever, with questions still being asked about compliance, who is liable and help being sought from various industry bodies. In response to [...]

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Giving Fabricators A Way To Vent

This is a sponsored article by Glazpart and REHAU: In response to impending changes to Part F of the Building Regulations increasing requirements for ventilation, REHAU has partnered with plastic injection moulder Glazpart to expand its frame accessory selection to include trickle vents. Featuring an innovative ‘link’ suitable for REHAU profiles that allows the [...]

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Just 34.5% Feel Ready For Updated Building Regulations In June

In just under two months, a raft of newly updated Building Regulations will come into effect, with new rules on ventilation and minimum u-values having direct impacts on the fenestration sector in England. Last week I ran a poll on Twitter to try and gauge whether the sector felt ready or not in view [...]

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