I might do more of these types of posts to help highlight some of the better individual products that are around in our market.

We have been using the Integral/Uni-Blind system for a few years now and have had great success with it. The beauty of these blinds is simple. They are fitted within the sealed unit and operated by magnets within the blind mechanism at the top; therefore a sealed unit stays just that, sealed. They are easy to fit from an installation point of view and it has been excellent in terms of the product’s reliability. We have had very few problems, and I would have to think very far back to come up with a time where we did have an issue.

From a customer point of view they provide a great opportunity to up-sell. Because they are within the glass the customer will never have to clean the blinds, they won’t develop smells like bathroom and kitchen blinds do. Mould never becomes an issue. They are as convenient as normal venetian blinds and are as easy to operate.

The one downside from an industry point of view is that they are produced in Italy, and not here in Britain, which is a shame but no surprise. Therefore they are slightly more expensive than normal blinds. But, the selling points are massive, and they have hardly any obvious drawbacks for the customers, so they won’t mind paying that extra premium for something so innovative. Also, they can be made to almost any size, so will suit any size window or glazed door.