November’s figures for the number of company insolvenices have been released on www.double-glazing-forum.com, and what is clear to see is that there is still volatile trading conditions within our market.

It think it will be safe to say that we will lose a good number of companies further into the winter period. What is also safe to say that the long term damage of the recession may cause more businesses to shut up shop further on in to 2010. I wouldn’t go as far to say there could be a bloodbath over the winter, but it will be extremely difficult. Those companies who have not got back on their feet up to now, may never do so in the future.

And a note to RCG who will be leaving the double glazing community in the first quarter of next year, enjoy the new job! I guess somebody has to do the work! Well done for admirably volunteering your services to such an important part of the UK’s economy!