Bankruptcy Announced On Twitter

I always wondered how long it would be until a double glazing company used Twitter to announce that they have had to close their doors. Well on the evening of the 11th February, J & P Windows, who trade in the south of England, announced on the social media site that they had to cease [...]

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Last Day For Comet

Today is a sad day for many thousands of people and for the high streets and retail parks of this country. The on going process of trying to sell electrical retailer Comet failed finally today, securing it's place on the every growing list of high street companies that have fallen victim to the tough economic [...]

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>Economic Woe Tightening It’s Grip

>Details released by Insight Data show that they have quarantined 847 companies which have changed their details, moved or have become completely unreachable.For all the efforts made by companies to stay afloat, the dire trading conditions are obviously still proving too much for many to handle. My feeling is that more than 847 companies will have [...]

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>Focus DIY To Be Liquidated

>Struggling DIY chain Focus DIY is expected to announce today that it is to be liquidated, after administrators Ernst & Young were appointed only weeks ago.E & Y were appointed to find a buyer for the struggling chain, which was owned by US investment firm Cerberus Capital Management, but only managed to sell just over [...]

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>Did You Try Hard Enough?

>January and February are the months where most businesses in the world of windows tend to struggle, and where you often find the majority of bankruptcies. When a business goes pop, it's usually sad to see isn't it? Well, no, put simply. I'll explain why.The recent recession forced businesses to do what ever they could [...]

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>Darby Glass Goes Out Of Business

>The administrators in charge of trying to keep Darby Glass in business have failed to find a new investor to keep the 38 year old insulating glass company going. In turn, the company goes bankrupt with total debts of £820,000 and leaves 60 people now looking for new employment.During their peak, Darby Glass employed 500 [...]

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>Darby Glass In Administration

>The tough economic trading conditions has now hit Darby Glass of Scunthorpe.According to a report in the Glass Times magazine, SFP were appointed joint administrators on 13th Octoberand continues to trade while a buyer is found.Darby Glass employs 62 members of staff and has a turnover of over £4 million a year.

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>Building Firm Rok Is Set To Enter Administration

>The building firm Rok looks set to become another victim of the tough economic trading conditions. Though it does appear that the trading conditions isn't the only reason why they are in serious trouble.In August the company reported that it had found 'serious failings' in it's financial and operational controls. Then a week later it [...]

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>How Many Names Have You Got?

>If you've read my last post you'll know how unfair it is that Anglian actually have 6 different companies/company names. If you've read my last post and have multiple company names yourself then you'll probably be indifferent to this post!Anglian Home Improvements seem to have six registered business names. One can only assume that these [...]

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>Bankruptcy Figures Down In February

> has released the monthly figures of bankrupt companies for February and they have come down to 168, from January's 192. The more and more we look at the lists that get realeased, the more we have to realise that the companies listed on there are not all double glazing companies. We don't really have [...]

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>How To Bankrupt A Business

>It seems one of our main manufacturers has resorted to last gasp tactics. For weeks now one of our competitors has started going down the road of sweeping their quotes just to try and get the business in. Example: I recently quoted a job which involved lots of triple glazed leaded/bevelled units (10 in total), [...]

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>Bankruptcy Figures Out For January

>The latest figures from have shown that another 192 businesses in our industry went bust last month. Personally I don't know what to make of that. 192 is still a significant number, but no different really from the 195 that went in December. So we can't say things got worse in January, nor can [...]

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>January To Reveal State Of Window Industry

>Soon, will reveal the number of bankruptcies in the double glazing industry for January. A high number will still signal difficulties and will put doubt on any sort of recovery some think we are in. It will also give a clue if the cold weather at the beginning of the month had an impact [...]

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>Oh Lord Is This Country In Some Serious Shit

>I'll expand this post in the morning. One thing I wanted to quickly say is that after doing a bit of studying, along with some business analysis from the BBC, Britian could be involved in a second disastrous financial crisis before the May General Election. I'm not going to go into it now, I'll explain [...]

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>Phoenixing Not So Difficult

>In some of my previous posts I have been detailing... (again removed for legal reasons).On the evidence of this, it may not be so hard to start a new company from the ruins of an old one, despite the difficult trading conditions and tough new banking criteria. I have stated myself that it would be [...]

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