I’m posting this purely on rumours, but the rumours are strong and can be backed up by other bits of evidence. It seems that (removed) are going, or are already in, liquidation. I found this out from the daughter of one of their customers in Scholes, Leeds, when she went to them for some repeat business.

This does make sense. They haven’t been putting in their massive full page and double page spread advertisements in the local papers, in fact they have taken out all their advertisements from all advertising avenues, presumably to cut costs. We here though did question the logic of advertising so strongly and so wide spread, when the business wasn’t enough to sustain or justify such effort. Their advertising bills must have been huge! Every week during the summer we would get the paper and as sure as eggs is eggs they would have their usual advert bang in the middle of both centre pages.

What didn’t help them was losing one of their best salesmen to rivals Conservatory Outlet. We knew that was going to be a big blow, and we were aware of some of the large debts which they owed (presuming what we heard was true). One of the biggest nails in their assumed coffin however, remains the huge amount they seemed to spend on massive newspaper/Yellow Pages/Thompson Local etc advertising. While everyone wisely cut back on their advertising, they seemed to press ahead. This has helped to their purported downfall.

It is never nice to see a big company go under; one has to think of all the staff and installers that may be out of a job, or about to lose one, which is made worse by the fact that we are only one week away from Christmas.

We have noticed today however that there is a new Leeds based company called Rhino Windows, coincidence?