>I’m back in the office today. Weh-hey! Not that I’m being put to good use. Phones are still quiet and there isn’t much work to be working on.

I think we need to start a nice healthy debate on something, preferably something double glazing related. Like honesty for example. We’ve just had a rep in from a door panels company. He asked us how we were doing and we were honest with him. We told him that the weather has put a big dampener on things and we would like to be busier than what we are. He then told us how most of the other companies have said they are stacked out, dozens of windows and doors to make, plenty of leads and plenty of work. LIE! There’s nowt like spinning a yarn. I know businesses always say they are busy, just so they don’t lose face. But at times like this where the whole industry is in a deep freeze, its pointless dressing things up when the obvious is staring everyone in the face. So there’s a debate topic. How honest should businesses in our industry actually be?