Snow Day!

As you would expect, much of the talk today has been about the weather. Snow has brought much the UK to a standstill over the last few days, with anywhere north of the home counties getting a good dose of the white stuff last night and this morning. It has made getting into work difficult. [...]

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Using The Weather To Our Advantage

There are two ways we can take this cold snowy weather we're having. One way, is to see it as cold, miserable, grey, dank and depressing. The sort of weather only penguins and polar bears should enjoy. The other way to see it, and of course from a fenestration point of view, is that this [...]

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Siberian Blast To Hit UK This Week

I think we all thought we would escape this Winter without any harsh or extreme weather unlike the last 3 winters the UK had. But at the back end of Winter, this week, temperatures are set to plummet to a very chilly-11 degrees Celsius! So far there hasn't been much snow in the forecast, but [...]

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>It’s Cold, Now We Have To Deal With It!

>As if I have to remind people, it's cold in Britain right now. It's been cold for some time, and will continue to be cold for some time to come, well into the New Year. My big worry is how truly prepared businesses are to cope.When it's this cold, snow is always a problem. It [...]

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>Next Week’s Forecast!

>With the weather being such a focus on the news, and it causing the window industry HUGE problems as it is with the rest of the country, I thought I'd see what we have shaping up for next week.Monday looks set to start dry, but there's a weather front coming down from the North, and [...]

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>The Cold Snap

>I thought I'd show some of the pictures I've taken over the last week or so:These images are of the yard at work, Leeds city centre during a heavy snow shower, our street an a rare gritter. The last 5 images are pictures of the road outside our office and our garden when I got [...]

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>To Fit Or Not To Fit?

>As if I need to remind you, the weather is bad. Really bad. Sub-zero temperatures, snow and biting winds do not make for good conditions in which to fit windows and doors. But we are coming up to the end of the year, and if your order books are full, how easy is it to [...]

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>The Snow Is Back!

>Just when you thought the spectre of last winter was dead and gone, the past week has seen the return of more freezing cold weather, just lots earlier!     Remember this? Scenes which look like this set to continue for a while. The image above was a street from within our estate. It's not as bad [...]

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>One Hell Of A Winter

>As we are all fully aware, last Winter was a hum-dinger. It was the worst for 31 years, which makes that the worst in my lifetime!These are some of the pictures I took of the garden, main road, street where I live and other places:It's pictures like these that we should be using to emphasise [...]

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>All Calm

>The worst of the cold snap seems to have passed now, so hopefully we can look forward to a much more productive week at work. One thing I did notice this week as the latest Everest advert advertising a window scrappage scheme. Looking at the fine print on the ad they will give you up [...]

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>Snow Day 5

>The snow is falling again here in Wakefield. But we have had some life wander into the office so far this morning and some leads have been made for next week which looks a bit more promising. Once the cold snap has been and gone, we have to use it as a fantastic selling point [...]

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>This Is Why We Are Quiet

>Here are some of the pictures I've been taking over the last few days, and the reason why we have all been struggling over the past week or so:

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>Snow Day 4

>I'm back in the office today. Weh-hey! Not that I'm being put to good use. Phones are still quiet and there isn't much work to be working on.I think we need to start a nice healthy debate on something, preferably something double glazing related. Like honesty for example. We've just had a rep in from [...]

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>The Best Picture Of Britain I’ve Seen

>This is possibly one of the best pictures of Britain from space I've seen, and the reason why Britain has come to a standstill:Spectacular! I'll be back in the office tomorrow, I promise I'll try and find something double glazing related to write about next time I post!

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>Snow Day 3

>Still cold. Still white. Not much has changed today. Managed to de-ice my car after about 15-20 minutes and drive it about. We live on a rather big hill so the journey down it was very gingerly! I managed to put some desperately needed fuel in the car, get some lunch, and get back up [...]

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