On Friday night I went to Mumbai Indian resturant in the centre on Wakefield for a curry with my girlfriend. Afterwards we went to our local (Inns of Court) to meet a few friends and properly let our hair down. And who should I see there? The husband of the customer I signed up not 5 hours earlier! You know it’s getting bad when you start seeing your customers drinking where you drink.

This isn’t the first encounter with customers while I have been out and about. But they seem to be becoming more frequent. And they all seem to be in bars! It’s not so bad when you meet them in the Co-Op for example. I’d be in my suit and able to keep my professional apprearance up. But when your in a pub with a pint with black skinny jeans, blue checked shirt and surrounded by mates, you lose that proffesionalism until they see you in a suit again. But is it a bad thing that they see you in an ordinary environment? He did say to me that it was good to see I was just like ‘one of the lads’. I think he was hinting that most people in sales tend to live a life controlled by work and never able to let their hair down or relax.

I suppose it would be worse if you saw a customer in a bar/pub which you fell out with as a company. The atmosphere may be awkward or worse!