It seems to me that there is going to be a lot more scrutiny of the WER scheme to come. The big question going around is how reliable and accurate are the methods that are used to calculate all the facts and figures needed to judge how efficient a window actaully is. The last thing we need is for the public to think that the window industry doesn’t have any confidence is the scheme that we are all (I say all, about 20% of us) are pushing.

Unfortunately, the title above is a lie. I am a double glazing salesman, but I didn’t invent the WER scheme. If I had, I would be raking it in right now. I bet the GGF and BFRC can’t wait till October. Once Part L has been changed to having to have a WER certificate to show compliance, they will make a fortune in certification fees. Tens of millions in fact.

For all the mountains of money they will make, the question I want to ask is will the window industry see any investment back. Will the GGF give window companies any sort of simplified formula to explain WER’s properly. Will we recieve any sales literature to help us with customers. I’m not holding out much hope.

Come New Year 2011, we can expect plenty of bankruptcies, probably from small to medium concerns. Suppliers really have to pull their finger out now otherwise they are going to bite the dust, in a similar way to when FENSA was introduced.