For us, February has been a strange one.

Leads levels weren’t fantastic, but we have had the best month since August 2007. Not that were complaining! February was the culmination of lots of hard work during January coming to fruition. Lots of positive leads from January were being converted in February. And March could also be as positive as February. Some big leads that require planning permission should be completed in the the middle of the month, so should provide some good figures come the end of March.

But other than big numbers, February has been very much an average month. So not much to write about really.

My next is going to be my 200th, and I want to write it sooner rather than later. I’ve not had a guest post published as of yet, so if any of you would like to volunteer a post to go on as a guest one, email me at: glazingblogger.googlemail.com and I’ll publish it as the 200th. But be quick, it won’t be long before I publish my next post.