The revised figure for how much the economy grew (or contracted) over the last quarter was revealed today. It turns out that the economy did better than was first thought. The last quarter of 2009 saw a growth of 0.3%.

It could be higher yes, but it shows that the economy might be a little stronger than some may have anticipated. But, as with everything with the economy, there was something to take the shine of better than expected results. The pound has taken a bit of a battering over the last couple of days. Investors are looking more and more at the pound as a less attractive prospect. Plus we have a miserable interest rate from an investor point of view. We aren’t making a good enough case for businesses to invest in this country.

On a completely different subject, fuel. More precisely the price of it. It’s getting rediculous now. Oil prices have come down from nearly $84 a barrel, which has caused prices to get to where they are now. Over the past few weeks they have settled at about $77, so where is the drop in fuel prices? It actually went up today by another penny, taking petrol and diesel to 109.9p a litre.

I managed to speak to one of our delivery drivers earlier in the week and he explained that on a steady week he could fill up his arctic for about £700! Now multiply that by 50 and your looking at at least £35000 for one vehicle alone. To me, these figures are absolutely disgusting. This is the reason why haulage companies are struggling so bad, and the reason why the prices of everyday good are sky rocketing also. We have forgotten about the fuel problem because of the more immediate problems with the wider economy. The scpetic in me says that the average prices of windows and doors are going to go up this year. We’ll wait and see.