The title is a bit deceiving. I attended on Thursday a major product and marketing launch down at The Belfry in Birmingham. Without wanting to say what these new products and marketing tools are (I don’t want to give information away to my competitors straight away!), what I can definately say is that it is going to put us back at the forefront in the area where we operate. About 95% of everything we sell/use has been either updated radically or has been completely re-designed, with plenty of I.T. support on top of that (thanks to Jon Twigge!)

The one big thing I was reminded off today was that if you have a good enough product, backed up by the right support from your manufacturer, you can still sell with a healthy profit margin. This is something we think our competitors may have forgotten as they all seem to be selling their jobs for nothing! Some it seems have pressed the panic button and slahsed their prices hoping it’s going to get them the business. And yes it might, but all that profit that’s been taken off will only compound the problems of paying the bills at the end of the month. What this presentation reminded me, and probably all of us in that room is that if we remain positive, have the best product to hand (which we now have!) coupled with good marketing support, we don’t have to cut profit levels like everyone else is doing at the minute.

And if Jon Twigge is reading this, I don’t know if you know who I am but I was there also! Some pretty impressive kit on display that we are interested in. Was a good days event all in all.

Naturally I can’t, and won’t be giving any hints away as to what these new innovations are as I don’t want my rivals finding out so soon. Realistically I know it won’t take them long to find out, but for when they do, I hope you all enjoy being back on the back foot again!