We’ve now got the ball rolling on creating a new company website. One which is able to take advantage of the hugely increased traffic to our site. Once it is coded and fully recognisable to Google, coupled with a Google AdWords campaign, we should be able to make good headway in making inroads in the competition in our area.

For a while many have told us we should have a bigger presence on the web than we have at the minute. Well, we’re in a position to start doing something about that now.

What we’ve also done is looked at the stats the Google AdWords campaign provided, and what we have seen is very encouraging. We received a huge amount of impressions, plus plenty of click-throughs to our website. So it is obvious that people are still searching for double glazing. We just have to harness this interest in the right way.

Once the new site is up and running, we will look to expand in relation to how well the site is doing and the results it brings in.

After that, this blog is changing for good. Own domain. Own site. More traffic, and hopefully one which will become much bigger than what it is now. But, until then, I have to be patient. Good things come to those who wait and all that!