For the last two quarters, the British economy has been in growth (if you can call it that!). But has anyone else noticed that people are still saying during conversation that we are still in a recession? Well I have, and most people are probably right.

In my opinion, growth of 0.3% can’t really be called growth, more like slow painful lurching. Industries of all kinds are still in a depressed state, talking very negatively, not thinking positively into the future. But you can forgive them for thinking like that as trading conditions are still very poor, therefore the reason why everyone still says we are in recession.

And at some point soon they may be right. Once all the Con-Lib cuts come into force and job cutting starts, we probably will be flung straight back into the R word. But, as I’ve mentioned before on here, staying recession minded is good for business. It keeps you on your toes, keeps you constantly looking for new business and new ways to develop. It keeps you from sitting on your backside hoping the business is going to come your way.

Still, it would be nice for life to be a little bit easier!