1st October is a date which everyone will have stuck in their mind now, the day when C rated windows become the new standard. However, after reading various magazine articles and blog posts, it’s clear that there is a significant portion of our industry that isn’t ready. They either don’t have the manufacturing capabilities, or just plain refuse to start making windows to that standard.

Why? I don’t really know. People who use the questionable solar gain excuse are clutching at straws really. The product is still better than the old PVCu windows that were made and will still benefit the customer, so that can’t be it. Is it because the double glazing industry is so stubborn, and like older folk, stuck in their ways?

If so, then they are going to have to change. If the date of change gets put back, it won’t be held off forever, they will have to become capable of making or selling C rated windows at some point.