After working in this industry for over four years full time, hearing what people in and out of the industry think of the double glazing world, and looking at other industries, it is clear that there is no other sector like ours.

Firstly, we have a reputation which, to be honest, is pretty poor. So, to address this issue, you would think we would all get together and do something about it. Like car manufacturers would put right faults in their parts. But no, despite all the bad press the window industry gets, still companies continue to flout customer service, badly run their businesses, and we are all still plagued by cowboys tarring the good names of the reputable companies out there. Very bewildering!

The PVCu sector is lethargic. Historically the window industry has been slow to embrace changes and new product developments. The same thing still goes on right now. Still only a third of installation companies have made the decision to fit ‘C’ rated windows or better. What’s going to happen when October 1st arrives and the majority of companies are finding themselves non-compliant? I’ve struggled to find a reason why the industry is as slow as it is. Is it the people in it? Do we want to just rebel against the government’s way of doing things? Both unlikely, but there are no other plausible reasons why.

The double glazing industry is a very sharp and spiteful one. There is a lot of backstabbing and bad mouthing that goes on. To the customers this only makes the company doing the mouthing bitter and shows lack of character and product quality. The sector is plagued by in-fighting and is split in all directions. While looking for a new car with my girlfriend, we noticed that the motor industry is one which is much more united. All dealers praised other dealers’ cars, not hacked at them as would go on in this industry.

However, one major point I’ve noticed is that the people who work in double glazing absolutely love the job they are in. Many people I’ve talked to, or conversations I’ve observed, say how it’s been the best industry they’ve worked in, and many are very passionate about their career. There are not many industries going who can boast such proud, hard working staff such as those in the window industry. And for that we should give ourselves one big huge pat on the back. Now we just need to share our common interest for our work to help unite a fractured sector.