I have three reactions boxes below each post: ‘worth the read’, ‘interesting’, and ‘questionable’. Except someone was abusing the ‘questionable’ box! Naturally, I thought this wasn’t good enough, so I have changed to box to ‘buy DGB a drink!’ Though I have a feeling that it won’t be ticked as much as the previous incarnation.

We also have a half confession from Kenny Muir indicating he was the serial box ticker on the GlassTalk site, however he later retracted his indicative confession. Unfortunately this will stick with him until somebody else comes forward lol!

Also, I aim for this blog to become as widespread and as popular as it can be. At the moment I’m averaging 1100 visits per month, RCG’s blog is averaging 11,000 per month. Something has to be done about this! The site will eventually move away from the blogspot format, but until that happens, could you all please pass on this address to others where this blog might be of interest. Pass the word on and lets see if we can up the visitor numbers!