If you were to take a look in our yard you’ll see a small mound of old timber frames waiting to be recycled, and next to it a mountain of PVCu about 25 times the size, again waiting to be taken away to be recycled.

The replacement PVCu market is one which seems to be out-performing everything else. Back when I was born the industry focused on cheaply made, poorly installed windows and doors, and now is the time when their lifetime has come to an end and they need replacing.

21 years on the quality of the products have improved such a great deal, giving companies a solid platform from which to sell their new and improved products. What should be mentioned however, is because of the improvements, these windows and doors are going to last a fair while longer. So long-term, the 3rd generation PVCu replacement market is going to be a way off. But that’s very long term. We need to focus on the short to medium. The current wave of replacements is going to be long lived, there is a lot to replace and this is going to take time, which is just the sort of thing the industry needs, a long and sustained new source of income. It’s also going to vast. A lot of crap was fitted years ago, up and down the country.

The business is there to be had, position yourself to sell well and the rewards should be substantial.