Some of us have thought that the proposed changes to Part L might be postponed to let the rest of the industry get their act together and get themselves ready. But, in a letter to Door-Stop International, Vince Cable has confirmed that it will go ahead on October 1st, with no postponements and no delays. The article below was taken from http://www.fenestration-news.com/:

We got this reply to our letter to Dr Cable: “Please be assured that the changes to part L of the Building Regulations are scheduled to come into operation on 1st October 2010 as previously announced. The amending regulations which enable the changes to be made have completed their passage through parliament. I hope this helps.”

The rest of the article the above was taken from was product specific to Door-Stop, so had no reason to be on here. The above was the important bit, the confirmation that there will be no hold up in the Part L changes.

So you lot who aren’t ready, prepare to get shafted by your competitors who have bothered to get themselves ready for the changes, because they are going to plug this change till the cows come home to make sure the shoddy outfits out there don’t steal good business away.