One of the big topics in the industry at the moment is the need for price increases. Systems companies and manufacturers have been hit hard by rising materials costs, over-competition and market saturation.

What usually happens is installers take it on the chin and allow it to eat into their profit margin. But what happens if the installation company wasn’t selling at the right margin in the first place? As a company we’ve always been a bit more expensive than others in our area, we believe we’ve been selling our products at the right price, even if they are more than others. This means that where others have had to increase their prices, we’ve haven’t. We try to make good solid margins, and this allows to absorb certain increases in the future.

Those companies that have been undercutting to try to win business most of the time, will have to raise their prices in order to keep paying their bills. Those that were selling windows and doors at the right price in the first place should find price increases easier to absorb, and not to pass them on.