I must say that I’ve been feeling very positive over the last few weeks. I really feel things may have turned a corner in terms of trading conditions. Leads have been really healthy (apart from during the World Cup!), sales have been good – I got me an 83% conversion rate last week!

One thing that I’ve also done a lot of this year to get extra business in is going on site while we are fitting jobs to measure up for other things. You’ll be surprised how many customers let me quote for extras they wouldn’t have even considered before I turned up. It’s good PR and it works!

This time two years ago everyone was extremely down in the dumps about the industry. And with the way things were you could understand it. But now I really feel that we could be on the up. We’ve taken steps ourselves as a company to make sure we move in a forward direction. We may be an isolated case and the same may not be able to be said for others, but hopefully others out there are finding things better.

Let’s keep it positive!