There are two things that are important to the window industry at the moment. The first is transport, more specifically the HGV’s and LGV’s that transport all the materials and frames to installers and manufacturers. The second is fuel costs.

Those who read regularly will know I’m big on anything environmentally responsible, so anyway to save on fuel will be of great interest to me. What is of interest is all the alternative fuels being developed for cars to run on. I saw a BBC report on human made Methane fuel. There is also Hydrogen fuel cells, LPG and electric is a big one. What needs to happen is the car world needs to decide what type of renewable fuel they are going to settle on, when this happens, then real progress will be made.

Once they have developed the new fuel, the new systems can be rolled out onto car production lines hopefully sometime in the near future. This all begs the next question: what about transport vehicles? Vans not being as big as lorries may not be that hard to reasonably adapt an alternative fuel source with enough power. But could the boffins produce enough power out of an electric powered engine for example? HGV’s and LGV’s being as big as they are need a much bigger and more powerful engine than a car to get them going. 

My feeling at the moment is that this could be quite far away, bearing in mind that there is still no mass production line rolling out cars with an alternative fuel source. So if your a truck driver, looks like you will still be filling up with diesel for some time to come.