Two months ago I asked the question: Do You Think The Double Glazing Industry And The Wider Economy Will Actually Recover Over the Next 3-5 Years?

The result was some what inconclusive. 10 people thought that the economy would recover. 8 thought it wouldn’t, and 7 thought it would stay at this sort of level.

It’s hard to come to any sort of answer after only 25 people voted, but I think it does show that people are as uncertain as ever as to what to expect from the economy. We all obviously want it to improve, but it’s clear that some of us sceptical about it’s recovery.

My personal opinion is that in the next two years or so we will probably suffer a short second recession cause by America’s struggle to keep their recovery going. But over a 5 year span, we will be better off. We’ll recover from a double-dip recession well and come out the other side stronger, leaner, more productive and much more efficient.