As companies we have a responsibility now to become greener, become more self sustaining and do our bit to help our environment, plus it saves us on our fuel bills!

But, how many of us actually use it to help sell our products? And do the public really care?

For a few weeks, on every demonstration I did I talked to the customer about what we recycle and the steps we have made to limit what goes in our skip and what goes on to landfill. And my honest opinion is that it meant very little to the customer. Of those who went ahead with me I asked them why they chose us, not one of them said that it was because of what we do to help the environment.

The general public I believe are still not tuned in to being more environmentally friendly. The responses I got from my customer when I talked to them about it were numb at best. All customers are interested when buying windows and doors is the quality of the product and price – not what we do with their old frames and glass. And you can see why. Why would they be bothered about their old windows when we’ll be taking them out in a few weeks and they aren’t interested in the first place?

It’s going to be a while before the consumer starts becoming more interested about what companies do with their old windows and doors. So for now, those who own businesses need to start making the changes necessary to help reduce their carbon foot print, and hopefully over time it will become more interesting to the customer.