I direct you to this link and urge you to watch the report. Once you get two minutes in you’ll hear a comment from the BBC reporter explaining that the PVCu windows in the building that was on fire ‘compounded’ the problem.

Over the past year, the PVCu industry has come under attack so many times. One such incident that springs to mind was the tower block of flats that caught fire and how the PVCu windows in the building were blamed for spreading the fire. The BBC later distanced itself from that claim, can’t remember if there was an apology – probably not!

You would think that in this day and age, when the country has had PVCu windows fitted for the past 30 years and more, that the myth of PVCu windows helping fire spread would have disappeared, but obviously not. People, and reporters are more likely to just rely on old rumour, rather than check their information accurately. 

My guess is that this is going to stick with the PVCu industry for quite a while, so whenever this sort of thing pops up we will have to continue to fight against misguided rumour and old-wives tales.