I’ve worked in this industry four and a half years, and over that time I’ve met many genuinely nice people. Also over that period of time I’ve established that this industry is plagued with some very dodgy characters, some even violent. For obvious reasons I won’t be naming names, companies or sources.

Knees being capped, broken bottles and baseball bats are all things you would normally associate with gangsters and the gang-land culture, not the double glazing industry. I have this impression that some people are in this industry to help fund other ventures more important to them than windows and doors. In a way I hope this is the case. I’d hate to think that this sort of behaviour was used to collect bills regularly. 

What I am sure about is that these sorts of occurrences are very limited, and hopefully blown out of proportion as they have gone through the rumour mill. However I do realise that there is a degree of truth in what is reported, else why would these stories exist in the first place?