This article has been taken from a new blogger I’ve started to follow: http://www.quiteinterestingblog.blogspot.com/:

What’s the strongest substance on Earth?

Diamond, I hear you say.

You’d be wrong.

Recently a new material has been discovered, by the name of Graphene. Alike diamond, it made from carbon, in a order arrangement. Its a one atom thick material, which also makes it man’s thinnest material yet. Graphene may sound similar to the carbon material, Graphite which is commonly found in pencils, not lead. That’s because it is made from Graphite, there’s a good chance you may have even made some Graphene whilst drawing a pencil picture!

It has won the Physics Nobel Prize this year. This material is expected to be as a boom like the discovery of plastics.
So, whats so good about Graphene?

– Its stronger than Diamond, the world’s strongest material
– It conducts electricity 1 million times better than copper
– Despite Graphene being one atom thick, its impermeable to gases
– It can be stretched up to 20% of size before breaking

What are the possibilities?

Well, being able to conduct electricity very well, means a lot for technology. Wires, Internet, capacitors, transistors and so much more. There’s so much research going into Graphene, such as mixing the material with plastics to create plastics which could conduct electricity. Scientists are looking to use Graphene for the storage of hydrogen for use in hydrogen cell cars too. The possibilities are truly endless. In about 10 years, a lot of household items, will be using Graphene.
Graphene sounds like a huge step forward, for all industries. It sounds a lot more economical than other materials, can last longer, have endless uses etc. It will be interesting to see if in ten years time the blogger is right, and that we will be using Graphene in many household items.