While I was up in Scotland, I saw in one of the Scottish versions of either The Sun or Daily Mail an advert by Advanced Group and their 44mm triple glazed windows. But as I was on holiday I paid no attention to it after that!

Then I saw on the GGP Magazine website a feature article on them, and have paid it a little more thought this time. In the article they say they are producing over 1500 triple glazed windows per week, which to be honest is pretty good going in what are still difficult and uncertain trading conditions.

If we go back in time and then look at triple glazed windows it fits the evolving picture. Windows progressed from single glazing, to thin double glazing in timber, then that was adapted into PVCu frames. As time has progressed it widened to the current 28mm double glazed unit standard. And since then, instead of making the cavity wider, we’ve adapted the unit to hold things like argon gas, super spacers and used different variations of glass. But personally I think we’ve been missing a trick with triple glazed windows. It seems the natural step upwards in glazing technology. Whats more you could still add things like argon gas and still use low ‘E’ and low iron glass. Even without this Advanced Group say that a U-Value of 0.9 can be achieved.

What I would really like to know is if triple glazing is a much more costly option. If triple glazing isn’t too expensive, then I truly believe we could add a very useful and profitable string to our bow.

UPDATE: Thanks to the Advanced Group in Scotland for sending in an image showing their triple glazing installed: