Over the past hour I’ve been watching ‘Cowboy Builders’ on Channel 5 (it’s the only decent programme on there!). The way some builders go about their business is appalling. Their workmanship gives the rest of the home improvement a bad name.

The main case this episode was focusing on was a woman who bought a council house, who was a single mother of 4 who was building this extension to look after her terminally ill friend. She employed a company to build the extension who left the building unsafe and in an absolute state. She then employed another builder to put things right, who also ripped her off to the tune of £26,000. The she found out that she had 1m deep foundations filled with soil, old bricks and a bucket, instead of concrete. These problems are serious, and potentially fatal.

Now what annoys me is the way customers react, or rather over-react, if they have a slight mark in a unit, or a door has dropped a couple of times. These are menial, minute little tasks which require 10 minutes of work and a reasonable and measured response by the customer. But as we all know customers can be quite the opposite!

Dear general public: when you have problems as described in paragraph two, then it is reasonable to start shouting!