Guest Post: Avoiding Cowboy Builders

I've not posted a proper guest post in a while. Then, out of the blue, I get a genuine request for a guest slot with a genuine post already written which some of you might actually be able to scribble a comment to! It's a bit of a guide which most will be fully aware [...]

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More Teeth Required

I'm sure there are many companies in this industry which carry out their installations to the letter of the law. And I'm sure that most compliant companies also get rather irritated and annoyed by other companies who don't abide by the same rules they do. So, what do you do if you see a rival [...]

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>How Not To Run Your Business

>Once upon a time we had a couple of fitters who decided to leave us to start their own business in the double glazing world. They set out with good intentions, determined to do as well as possible by under-pricing and over promising.This worked well for a while as customers were tempted by the lower [...]

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>There Are More Important Things!

>Over the past hour I've been watching 'Cowboy Builders' on Channel 5 (it's the only decent programme on there!). The way some builders go about their business is appalling. Their workmanship gives the rest of the home improvement a bad name.The main case this episode was focusing on was a woman who bought a council house, [...]

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>Dodgy Rooflines

>There is always one thing that gets me gears grinding, and that’s the white van men fitting soffits and fascias. What’s extremely frustrating is that the many of the reputable companies out there are losing so many jobs because of them. The reason? Scaffolding. I've never seen one single tower used when I've seen an [...]

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