We had a bit of a dip last week. We had a sustained period for about 5-6 weeks of being absolutely stacked out. Leads were really healthy for the time of year. My conversion rates for August and September are 66.6% and 61.9% (though September will edge up to two thirds soon). And fitting was running at a 6 week lead time.

Then the last week to ten days became a bit quiet. Lead levels dropped as did sales. Not completely, but enough to show a difference. This can be put down to probably the time of year and the uncertainty of what the Spending Review might reveal. But, anyone who listened to it will have realised that it unless your in the public sector, it wasn’t too painful.

As a result this week has seen a marked increase in leads, and sales. I’ve personally signed up 4 contracts in 24 hours! What is also a nice help is that figures out yesterday show that the economy is growing faster than expected – this can only help to sustain the increase in consumer confidence.

Here’s hoping that the general public keep up their spending long enough to give the window industry a shove into the beginning of 2011!