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Asbestos Story Update

You may have seen the other day that I reported on a situation between a homeowner, Everest and their neighbour removing asbestos. Well the crux of that situation was that the neighbour had removed asbestos from his roof which had then contaminated the working area on the erected scaffold around the house which was due [...]

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The Importance Of A Signature

Despite a very positive start to business this year for most of the industry, one continuing complaint that does seem to be becoming more vociferous is the behaviour of customers towards business. The main complaint seems to be focused mainly on the fact that more and more clients are becoming far more unreasonable, especially when [...]

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“I Thought You Were Joking!”

I've not told you all a little story for a while, so I reckon it's about time I put that right... It started with a door. More specifically a red wood grain composite door with light oak outer frames. I think we can all agree that this combination of colours is probably low down on [...]

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We Are Here For The Customers, Not The Other Way Round

I received a worrying comment earlier on, and I am in two minds as to leave it in the inbox or edit it and publish it. The crux of the comment was that a customer was writing to complain that after re-arranging an appointment with a double glazing company due to the sales rep having [...]

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Get Your Contracts Right!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get all contracts with customers down in writing, and on a bombproof contract! I saw a conversation on Twitter the other day between a couple of companies, one of which was having trouble with a customer. This is the tweet that started it all off: Can anyone [...]

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Little Added Touches

Back in October my dad got rid of his ageing Alfa Romeo GT and bought a new Audi Q5 4x4. The purchasing experience in buying that car was apparently the best he'd ever had. Right from the outset, he said that everything was just so much more professional that anywhere else he had been. The [...]

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Customer Communication

Are you all sitting comfortably? I am about to tell you a short story which some of you will relate to, and the less professional out there will probably ignore! One day Mr X came into our office asking if we could help him out with an issue he had with his door locking mechanism. [...]

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The People You Meet

I often complain about the way some customers treat us. Many have such a lack of respect for people in general. But not all are that bad, in fact some are genuinely the nicest people you ever meet. And doing this job, I am lucky enough to have met some of these people. This profession [...]

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Meddling Kids!

This is probably one of the most annoying things I come across doing this job. Meddling sons and daughters who organize for their mum and dads' windows doing! That isn't the annoying bit, the annoying bit is the part where you are showing them what options are available and they tell you that they only [...]

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>When Is Something Free Not Free?

>I received this email the other day, the sender has asked me to keep their identity and who they work for secret. Take a read and see what you think:To Swiss V head office Switzerland:For the Last 8 Months we have been using SwissV spacer bar to comply with new UK building Regs.We get our Glass [...]

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>To Post Or Not To Post?

>Some of my most popular posts have been the recent Quality Counts posts. These posts have gained the most reaction and the most comments.But, these posts are showcasing the failings of an installations company, and so the content is quite sensitive. Even though the company in question has not been named, I am starting to [...]

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>Quality Counts Story Part 5

>It's been a few weeks since the last update, but I've been sent an update regarding the poor installation that is being documented on here:26/4/11...The installer has still not contacted me. So I rang them at 10.45 regarding the rear door which they left unusable. I was informed 'they would let me know when they [...]

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