Just when you thought the spectre of last winter was dead and gone, the past week has seen the return of more freezing cold weather, just lots earlier!
Remember this? Scenes which look like this set to continue for a while. The image above was a street from within our estate. It’s not as bad at the moment, but after watching the weather forecast for tonight, we could wake up to something similar.

The question is how is this going to affect our businesses? I’m hoping that it won’t cause too much fuss. The roads have been gritted far better than last year so far. Traffic is free to move, which shouldn’t stop people from freely moving about. One of the reasons why businesses suffered at the beginning of the year.

Hopefully the cold weather might spur people into thinking about replacing their old, inefficient windows and doors. There’s nothing better than severe cold to highlight draughts and leaks!

So far we’ve seen -18 degrees in Powys in Wales, -17 degrees in parts of England, and the forecast says that it’s due to get colder than that overnight in Scotland. Let’s just hope it doesn’t last as long as last winter!