This has nothing to do with windows! It’s just a patriotic outburst!

Over the last few years it has become noticeable that we aren’t proud to be British. In fact many of us claim it is a terrible place to live, with more and more of us each year choosing to emigrate to other countries. Why is it that we feel embarrassed to be British?

We have a lot to be proud about. We have done many things which the rest of the world can thank us for.

We are one of the oldest democracies in the world (though sometimes it doesn’t always feel like one!). We helped to spread democracy throughout the world.

The industrial revolution. One of the most important periods in this country’s history kicked us up the backside to propel Britain to become the biggest and best industrial power on the planet with the fastest growing economy. We boasted some of the best engineers and architects and it showcased best how the British people can really go to task and make their mark in the world.

Railway. Yet another British innovation that we gave the world. Perfected in this country and then sent abroad, the railways allowed much quicker transport of people and goods which helped accelerate the industrial period. It connected villages to towns, and towns to cities. Helping to create the huge hubs we have today. This was arguably one of the most important transport innovations, and WE did it!

Electric. More specifically the National Grid. Electricity was once reserved for those who could afford it – the rich. But from 1927 to 1933 the British people again went to task to build the infinitely important National Grid in six years. From Scotland to the very South of England. We gave our own people easily accessible and cheap electricity in such a short space of time.

WW2. Arguably our most proud moment. When it all seemed hopeless and the Germans looked set to reach these shores, our British grit and determination on the ground, and even more in the skies prevailed. The war turned back in our favour after that. No words can aptly praise what went on during the Battle of Britain. But we should be immensely proud how we stuck two fingers up to invasion and dictatorship and won!

We gave the world football, rugby, cricket. Some of the most popular games in world. Yes we’re not the best at them now. But without us, there would be no World Cup in any of these competitions!

Remember we gave the world some of the most influential people: Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare and Charles Darwin.

We’re the 5th biggest economy on the planet. We have the world’s 4th largest and most capable armed forces. We’re the financial capital of the world. We have a history and culture richer than most others.

The world wouldn’t be what it is today without Britain. It has a lot to thank us for, and we have a lot to be proud of. Yes it might rain a lot, yes we might be in a bit of a mess economically. But this hasn’t stopped us before. Nor will it stop us again. Only the British have the sort of determination and strength to make sure things don’t fall apart. We need to be a proud nation again!