January and February are the months where most businesses in the world of windows tend to struggle, and where you often find the majority of bankruptcies. When a business goes pop, it’s usually sad to see isn’t it? Well, no, put simply. I’ll explain why.

The recent recession forced businesses to do what ever they could to make sure they rode out the rough stuff. Or at least that’s what they should have done. In my mind, it’s sad to see a business go if there are family reasons involved, something happens catastrophically bad to the building or property, or if the businesses really has done everything they can to stave of bankruptcy.

But for those who just sit idly by hoping and waiting for orders to walk through the door, they don’t deserve any sympathy. Did they do everything they possibly could before the banks pulled the plug? Did they reduce wages, and not just staff wages but their own? Did they lay staff off? Did they switch energy providers to find cheaper prices? Did they try and expand their product options to give themselves other revenue streams? Did they try advertising? Did they update their existing websites? Did they create a website to drum up more interest? Did they pound the streets dropping leaflets? Did they visit previous customers and enquire to see of they wanted more work? Did they ask other companies for their dud leads? Did they adjust their sales approach? Did they mailshot previous customers? Did they ask the banks for extended lines of credit? Did they go to their families and ask for help? If they did all of the above and more but still went under, then yes they can say they tried everything and truly did succumb to the economic mire. And that deserves sympathy. For those who didn’t stretch every sinew trying to keep their business afloat, then you probably deserve it.

It may seem harsh what I’ve just said, but for me that’s as clear cut as it can get. Running your own business should be a passion, not just a job to pay the bills. If you own your own business then you have an obligation to provide a chance to earn a living to yourself, family and your employees, your responsible. If you neglect your business and not give it your full attention and effort when required, it will fail. There is no other simpler answer than that.