Universal Arches has just brought out what they call a ‘revolutionary’ new online feature called VEE24. 

The idea behind the feature is that those with online and web cam capabilities are able to talk to a representative of the company face to face, instead of just over the phone or by email. It’s thought that by seeing who your are talking to, your customers can build better relationships with the company. Through this they hope to be able to build better brand awareness and sales.

The use of this sort of technology must be applauded. It’s good to see a company in such a traditionally old fashioned industry embrace new and modern ways of communication. But there are two stumbling blocks they need to get over if this is to become a success. First is the fact that a lot of people with web access probably won’t have a web cam, most see it as unnecessary. Everyone has phones. Secondly, are people going to think this is worth it? The likely hood is that when people pick up the phone to them, they are going to buy anyway, without the need to see who is on the other end of the phone. You can build good customer relationships without seeing them on a computer screen.

Despite those points, I still think this will be useful for Universal Arches. They are going to get good feedback from those who are dedicated to using the most up to date methods of communication technology.

If this does interest you, here is the link: http://www.universalarches.com/vee24