Things are tough out there. Very tough. From speaking to people in shops and businesses, from what people are saying on websites and forums, and from what the experts on TV say, trading conditions have got considerably worse. 

Customer confidence has all but evaporated now. Minimal bank lending has stopped people’s home improvement projects. Wage freezes and the threat of job losses have helped polarise the ‘saving’ attitude. With people very reluctant to spend money, this is going to renew the pressure felt on the double glazing community during the worst of the recent recession.

My personal feelings are that we are probably due for a big company to go to the wall. The bigger companies tend to have the highest advertising bills, the biggest overheads and the biggest outgoings. Advertising, manufacturing and running costs all have to be paid for. But if there isn’t the levels of demand to make sure these bills are paid, then difficulties will occur. I think that we are due to see a big one go bust.

Just a thought!