Service is one of the most important features between an installer and their customers. Without good service a business simply wouldn’t survive. But what about the service between installers and their suppliers?

Ask any installer if they’re totally happy with the service they get from their suppliers and if they are honest, most will say no. There are major communication problems, quality controls issues, lack of cooperation and stagnation. And in the face of these issues, nearly every single one has raised prices, or are due to in the next couple of months! The cheek!

When a supplier gets it wrong, the impact is felt all the way down the supply chain to the customer. If units fail, if frames are scratched or if parts stop working, it’s not they who take the angry phone calls or disappointment from customers, it’s us installers that have to take it on the chin. Then have to nicely speak to our manufacturers to replace the parts under the conditions of the guarantee. You can’t get angry with your suppliers, it could spoil the working relationship.

Ever felt you’re being ignored? Suppliers don’t talk enough to their installers. Whether it be by email, phone calls or personal visits, installers like to think they are thought of regularly by those who they give thousands and thousands of pounds to every month.

If systems companies and manufacturers are going to implement price increases, installers have to see something for the extra money. Improve service, improve product quality and improve communication. And do it with a smile!