Those with even the slightest interest in technology will know that the recent wave of tablet devices such as the iPad from Apple are revolutionising the way businesses work.

Why? Well devices like the iPad are able to do what the smaller smart-phones can’t. They can do everything a laptop or PC can, quickly, efficiently and it does it mobile. Tablet devices to sales people means a lot less paperwork, a more dynamic presentation of what they have to show and they can carry out their work quicker due to 3G wireless Internet connections.

I know some sales reps are already doing demonstrations of their windows and doors to customers using tablet devices. They can easily show the customer their products, possible handing over the device to the customer so they can browse images and information for themselves, rather than the sales person controlling the browsing. Showing your window and doors images on such a clear, bright and sharp display can only help persuade your products are the ones for them. 

I’m torn currently between 2 devices. Apple are due to announce the release date and specifications of the iPad 2 soon. But I’ve also been looking at BlackBerry’s Playbook tablet device. Their Playbook boasts a dual-core processor, the smoothest touch screen of any of the devices currently available, has a HD display, multi-touch interface and is 2 inches smaller than the iPad. This is due to be released in May according to rumours. The easiest thing to do is take a look at both closely before deciding. But seeing as I already have a BlackBerry torch, and both devices can be paired with each other, I’m leaning towards the Playbook.

The tablet device will change how we sell and how we work, because it’s mobile and can do everything the old devices like laptops and PC’s can do. Those keeping up with technological advancements will benefit. Those currently behind the curve need to catch up with it. Has technology ever moved forward this quickly?