I don’t know about you, but I just can’t help but feel that David Cameron’s idea of a Big Society is a convenient way to cover up the £5 billion reduction in charitable donations from the Government. 

There’s a lot to this so I’ll go through it as methodically as possible. First off he’s wanting to establish the Big Society bank. To me this seems completely unnecessary. If the Government could have got the banks to agree to some more serious and bigger amounts to lend over the coming years, then the need for what is going to be in reality a very small slush fund wouldn’t be there. 

The Government is taking out billions, only to put back millions. David Cameron’s hope is that volunteers will all help and chip in for free to maintain swimming pools, town halls, schools, planning departments and housing. The first steps of this we are already seeing. The public has just been given free reign to create the first ‘Free Schools’. But what we’re probably going to see, and are already seeing in some places, is the creation by well off parents of elite schools, squeezing out the less privileged by creating requirements which suit the better off. Quite Tory don’t you think? What the Government is getting drastically wrong here is their belief that during times of financial hardship of many, these same people are going to willingly give their time to voluntary work when their main priority is going to be finding a job and creating an income stream. Hand on heart I can quite honestly say that voluntary work right now is quite low on my priority list. Yes I’d shovel snow for the elderly who can’t do so, or do other small tasks such as that when I get the opportunity, but that is as far as I would go. My personal main priority is our business and making as big a success out of that as possible.

David Cameron also has this idea that Britain is a broken society. Now this phrase sort or implies that the people of Britain are a law unto themselves, living in chaos, with running street battles and regular occurrence. Now I will admit that Britain does have problems with anti-social behaviour with some of our teenage and young adult population, but it’s not enough the brand Britain as broken. The solution to that problem is education, but that’s another subject. Cameron also forgets that the people of Britain are a very giving nation of people already. Just look at all the money people give when there is a big charitable cause to give to. But people also do a lot for each other. Me and my dad helped people clear snow from their cars and drives when the bad weather hit last year. I know he cuts our neighbours grass as they are elderly. I also know that a lot of people use their precious spare time to help in projects such as restoring Hebden Bridge’s town hall. Swimming pools have been saved, libraries are being fought for, cinema’s are being kept open. People are already doing their bit. They should recognise this and realise that by asking them to do so much more for free, when the country is trying to stave off a double-dip recession is asking way too much.

The idea he has is a nice concept, but to most that is all it will be. People are seeing right through this. They know that when it comes down to it, they are just going to be left with less money in their pockets. Painting public buildings and keeping charity shops open isn’t going to fill that void, and for most, maintaining a steady income is going to be the main aim.