There were rumours flying around during the earlier part of this afternoon, but www.the-glazine.com has just confirmed that Glassex and Best are now cancelled.

This is a shame for two reasons. The first; I didn’t ever get to go! The second is that this was very much a woeful and disappointing end to what was the industry’s show-piece event. Last year attracted just 50 exhibitors and a dreadful 2000 visitors. Compare that to 2000 where 12,000 attended and 250 exhibitors were on show.

Glassex was always going down this route, with various groups running the event, moving to Autumn and then moving in with Interbuild as the last move to try to keep the ailing show going.

There are sounds from within Emap that there are some ideas in the pipeline as to what to replace it with, but that nothing is final and that it needs to be presented to the industry. 

This now leaves Glasstalk as the main networking event for the industry. But are people’s appetite for taking a day/days off work in such shaky trading conditions wearing off?