Question: Who goes and visits the installations they have sold?

I make a special effort to go see my installations when I can. You’d be surprised how much this pleases your customers. It shows them you weren’t just there to take their money and run, it shows them that you actually care about the work being done to their home.

There are so many people in sales that you see only once, maybe twice, then that’s it. The sales person is the face of the business, and is the first person a customer sees. They build up a relationship with that customer, then hopefully they place an order. 

Once a customer is decent enough to put their money in your back pocket, it only seems right to me that you see the end result of what you have sold. It’s brilliant PR. The customers know you take great care and interest in the job. Not only that, there is a greater chance of picking up more business. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out to see an installation of mine then the customer asks me to measure up for more potential work.

If you don’t do it, then maybe you should. It’ll bring you extra business, and earn your extra brownie points with the customer.