In my mind, there are only 3 hot industries to be in right now: Internet, advertising and technology (including the manufacturing that goes with the technology).

The whole world is now pretty much wireless. Everything from banking to buying, communication and anything visual is now wholly reliant on the internet. If the web was to go, the world would grind to a spectacular halt!

If your a business, you NEED to have a presence on the web. It doesn’t matter what your selling, when two thirds of all people in Great Britain use the internet as the primary source of searching for anything, you have to be on there. Products like the Yellow Pages, Thomson Local and BT Phonebook are dying a very quick death, and are quickly moving their business to internet business listings and search. 

It’s safe to say that the internet is the fastest growing industry of the last ten years, and will continue to do so for the next ten years. If your not part of the web community, get in it now, it’s where the money is!

Before the arrival of the World Wide Web, things like the Yellow Pages and the newspapers were the staple of the advertising world. Then the internet came along and changed everything. 

As more and more people became connected to the web, advertising companies realised that as people spent more time online, adverts placed on the most popular pages could earn them big bucks. And they were absolutely right! As people started to use the usual avenues of searching for things less, and the internet more, companies have started to reduce their spending on conventional advertising and put that cash into the web. Other than TV advertising, web advertising is probably the biggest growing market out there.

And it works. Companies like Google, Groupon and Amazon makes billions of dollars a year from their advertising sectors. Proving that advertising is one of the hot industries to be in right now.

This could seem quite a wide sector, but I’m talking more specifically about device technology, items like tablet computers, smart-phones and HD/3D TV.

As the world becomes ever more mobile, so people’s appetite to access information and the internet on the move increases. Hence demand for things like smart-phones and tablets, which allow people to do so goes up too.

If you work for a company which makes any of these items or anything similar, you will know how much mobile devices have taken over the technology world. If you look at companies like Apple, iPads, iPhones and iPods make up much of their revenues. Without these, they would be worth much less than the $320 billion dollars they are worth today.

The advent of HD and 3D TV has also pumped the television market in recent years. 

If you work for any company which makes any of these items, you’ve timed getting that job very well indeed, and can count on your job being safe for some time to come.