When visiting a customer to quote them for a new conservatory, you would think that due to a conservatory being quite a big purchase, the client would dedicate some time to go through with you your product, company and all the other details entailed, to make sure that your quote meets completely their expectations. Well no.

A couple we visited this evening after making an appointment via our website seemed to care very little about what they were wanting to buy. We sat them down and tried pretty much in vein to go through the details of the product. But any question posed to the couple were shouted across the house as we were sat down with him, but she was in the kitchen! 

After the first half dozen questions shouted around the house, it was clear the husband was growing more and more irritable. You could tell that both of them weren’t interested in the slightest demo of what we had to offer. It was a case of just going in, getting measurements, deciding on the design and just leaving.

When asking a company to come visit you at your home to quote for something as big as a conservatory, or a full house of windows and doors, isn’t it common courtesy to allow that company some time to do their job. Plus, it’s better for them to listen to what the company has to say so they can make a fully informed decision on who to choose.