Have you ever sat down in contemplation, looked at your life where you are right now, and thought: I think I need a fresh start somewhere else?

That’s where I am right now. Certain personal events have caused me to analyse my friendships with certain people, which, when a lot of them make up the circles you travel in, is a hard one to swallow if your thinking you perhaps don’t want to be involved with them.

Then there’s where I live. I’m still at home, in Wakefield. A city which is struggling to inspire me at this moment in time. I visited New York over New Years, and I loved being there. There always seemed a chance of opportunity and positivity, something which Wakefield, and probably most of the country just doesn’t have. I’m someone who feels has a lot of potential, but this city just isn’t nurturing it. If I were ever to move, it would be out of the country…that’s providing I get the opportunity and money to allow me to do so.

But then I look at what I have here; a family business where, all being well, I’ll be sitting in the same seat as my Dad. I have some of my best friends still here, and a caring family. 

Maybe this is just me wanting to bury my head in the sand and is struggling to cope with an ex-girlfriend and hot ‘n’ cold mates. Simple fact is that I’m frustrated and either need calming, or have better opportunities presented to me.

Next post will be about windows…promise!