Suppliers provide some of the biggest issues for installers in this industry; quality of product, lack of communication, shortage of new and improved products etc.

So when a different supplier comes knocking, selling a product you like the look of, how tempting is it to jump ship if you’re not happy with your current one?

You have to weigh up the options. The new suppliers might be offering better rates for their wares, but is the quality the same, better or worse than your current supplier. Is it a good thing to sacrifice quality for a better price? Do they promise better customer service. Remember, when you had that meeting with your current supplier, they will have been boasting about their customer service standards too. Does their product portfolio rival or better your current supplier? They might boast dozens more products, but would you really actively sell all those ancillary products that you wouldn’t usually? Then you’ve got to consider the relationship you’ve built with your current supplier. If you’ve traded with them for a long time, you will have made good contacts with those within the company. You’ll be able to ask for favours on lead times and prices, often very important if you’re trying to secure a vital sale.

There are other things to think about, but I’m sure you’ve got the picture by now. Basically, make sure that the grass on the other side really is greener, or you may make life a little bit more difficult!